PETALA TUJUH SDN BHD (PTSB) was incorporated in Malaysia by a group of young entrepreneurs with the aim of participating in the country’s construction industry to the extent of successfully contributing to the social and economic well being of the society as a whole.
The formation of PTSB is to undertake development and construction jobs, either from other private employers or government sectors.
PTSB also have a good experience in lodging and mining field around Malaysia. This was shown by the Board of Director experience and qualification.
Vast experience gained by the directors and key management personnel from past project handled individually will ensure that all projects undertaken by the company are implemented professionally and in line with the current needs.
As young entrepreneurs, we are ready to take challenges from all parties especially government and private sector in what ever project given.
PTSB is also ready to face any new business nature and undertake that as a challenge that must be solved.